About Me

I am a professor for Health Communication and Information at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and affiliated researcher at Leuphana University Lueneburg/Germany.

My research focus is on health promotion and prevention with special interest on educational settings (schools and universities) and on digital public health. I am intererested in health literacy at individual and system level and in (complex) intervention research and its underlying implementation processes and outcomes.

My research focus

Health and Education

Health promotion and prevention in educational settings, e.g. schools and universities

Health Literacy

Ability to deal with health information and create the necessary conditions at the systems level

Digital Public Health

Online health information-seeking behavior, digital interventions (e.g. games for health)


Exploring the effectiveness of complex interventions and their underlying mechanisms

News tweets

Ergebnisse unserer @CovidHl Schulleitungsstudie geben Hinweise darauf, dass die #COVID19 Pandemie für #Schulen ein disruptives Ereignis darstellt, welches die Umsetzung schulischer #Gesundheitsförderung erschwert (hat). Mehr hier: https://t.co/ml15so74GX https://t.co/rD8oBa8DtU KDadaczynski photo
Happy to share our new commentary Health promoting schools and COVID-19: preparing for the future. Written with @SHE__network colleagues. #COVID19 #schools @JournalSjph https://t.co/gf9RCLxBcl
Health Literacy within a #SocialEcological context? Yes, #healthliteracy is so much more than an individual capability & requires to take into account the different system levels. I am happy that our special issue has just been published. https://t.co/AagVYt6sdv https://t.co/iVmYmiVoLp KDadaczynski photo