About Me

I am a professor for Health Communication and Information at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and affiliated researcher at Leuphana University Lueneburg/Germany.

My research focus is on health promotion and prevention with special interest on educational settings (schools and universities) and on digital public health. I am intererested in health literacy at individual and system level and in (complex) intervention research and its underlying implementation processes and outcomes.

My research focus

Health and Education

Health promotion and prevention in educational settings, e.g. schools and universities

Health Literacy

Ability to deal with health information and create the necessary conditions at the systems level

Digital Public Health

Online health information-seeking behavior, digital interventions (e.g. games for health)


Exploring the effectiveness of complex interventions and their underlying mechanisms

News tweets

Together with @hrafarosario I have the pleasure to edit a research topic in @FrontiersIn #PublicHealth on challenges and advances in global #schoolhealthpromotion. We wellcome original research, reviews, case studies, conceptual papers etc. https://t.co/QTW9Oz98ST https://t.co/sSsWPyFyOx KDadaczynski photo
What fantastic 2 days in Portugal at the 2nd International Meeting on School Health. Practitioners, researchers & politicians discussed current practice, challenges & advances in school health promotion. I am thrilled about the energy & passion. Thank you
@hrafarosario & all! https://t.co/u4ks4lx6uZ
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Zwei Jahre Pandemie: Die psychische Gesundheit und Lebensqualität von Kindern und Jugendlichen – Ergebnisse der COPSY-Längsschnittstudie https://t.co/Y3UNUb0Aqw
A Dutch supermarket chain introduced slow checkouts for people who enjoy chatting, helping many people, especially the elderly, deal with loneliness.
The move has proven so successful that they installed the slow checkouts in 200 stores. https://t.co/MQUYuyPuFc
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Nach dem Preis ist vor dem Preis. Unmittelbar nach der Verleihung des Hessischen #Gesundheitspreis ging es in einen Zukunftsworkshop. Wir haben viel vor und richtig Bock – stay tuned🚀 #Gesundheitskompetenz #digitalpublichealth #gamesforhealth #communityhealth https://t.co/Vz98qOfONw KDadaczynski photo
Ein Kollege an der @HSFulda ist an Leukämie erkrankt und sucht dringend eine(n) Stammzellenspender*in. Bitte registriert euch online bei der @DKMS_de 👇🏼 https://t.co/46xAO0765S